Operative Surgery and Topographic AnatomyInternational Students — Lesson 6

Surgical interventions on the vessels and nerves of the extremities. Tendon suture, application methods, requirements. Nerve suture, application methods, requirements. Vascular suture, classification, application methods, requirements. Amputation, classifications, methods of implementation.


  1. Operative access to the main vessels of the extremities (direct and roundabout).
  2. Venipunctions and venesections on the upper and lower extremities.
  3. Phlebectomy, methods of conducting. Crossectomy, stripping.
  4. Vascular suture, classification, requirements, tools.
  5. Manual and mechanical (hardware) sutures of vessels (A. Karrel, A. A. Polyantsev-Gorsley, G.M. Solovyov). Features of vascular sutures in children.
  6. The technique of applying tendon sutures according to Kuney, Lange, Kazakov, Benell.
  7. Joint operations, arthrotomy, arthrothesis, arthrodesis, joint resection, arthroplasty, endoprosthetics.
  8. Arthrotomies of the shoulder, elbow and knee joints.
  9. Amputations. Definition. Classifications. Tools.
  10. Methods of dissection of soft tissues during amputation (circular, ellipsoid, patchwork).
  11. Methods of amputations (guillotine, one-, two-, three-stage).
  12. Methods of hiding the stump during amputation (cutaneous, fascioplastic, myoplastic, osteoplastic).
  13. Features of hip, shoulder and forearm amputation.
  14. Features of amputations in chronic occlusive diseases of the arteries of the lower extremities.
  15. Bone-plastic amputation of the lower leg according to N. I. Pirogov and the thigh according to Gritti-Shimanovsky in the historical aspect.
  16. Features of limb amputations in putrefactive or anaerobic gangrene.
  17. Exarticulation, definition, features of the conduct.
  18. Nerve surgery, operative access to the sciatic, radial, median and ulnar nerves. Features of the structure of the nerve. Nerve suture technique, classification, requirements.
  19. Permanent and temporary methods of hemostasis on the extremities.
  20. The technique of case anesthesia for anesthesia of limbs at different levels.


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