Smolensk State Medical University

Operative Surgery and Topographic Anatomy — International Students


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Before starting the course cycle, the headman of the group receives a login and password for each student to enter the remote testing system. When preparing for the upcoming lessons, the student shall perform the following steps using the department’s website:

  1. Use the link to enter the remote testing system
  2. Enter username and password
  3. Go to the “Tests - Testing” section of the testing system and choose the relevant section and test from the dropdown boxes
  4. Answer the test questions on the topic of the lesson and fill in the anatomical maps.

Only 3 attempts per test or anatomical map are allowed. Access to remote testing and filling out anatomical maps is allowed only on the day of homework preparation, i.e. one day before the lesson.

In case if a test or an anatomical map is not passed (missing answers or unsatisfactory grade after 3 attempts) using the remote testing system, the student must contact the responsible department personnel to arrange the testing in the computer room of the department.

Continue to remote testing