Operative Surgery and Topographic AnatomyInternational Students — Lesson 3

Topographic anatomy of the elbow, forearm and hand. Structural features of the anterior ulnar region, elbow joint, anterior and posterior forearm, dorsal and palmar surfaces of the hand. Puncture and arthrotomy of the elbow joint. Incisions with panaricius and phlegmons of the hand.


  1. Topographic anatomy of the ulnar fossa. Topography of neurovascular formations in the ulnar fossa. Exposure and ligation of the ulnar artery. Arterial collaterals in the area of the elbow joint.
  2. Topographic anatomy of the posterior ulnar region. Features of the structure of synovial bags of the elbow joint. Their clinical significance.
  3. Topographic anatomy of the elbow joint. Joint capsule, its weak points. Blood supply and innervation. Features of the spread of purulent processes. Puncture of the elbow joint. Arthrotomy.
  4. Topographic anatomy of the anterior region of the forearm. Muscle layers. Topography of neurovascular formations in the upper, middle and lower thirds of the forearm. Projection lines.
  5. Cellular spaces of the forearm. Anatomical ways of spreading inflammatory processes. Incisions with forearm phlegmon.
  6. The cellular space of N.I.Pirogov-Paron, its connection with neighboring cellular spaces. Operational accesses and the main stages of the operation when opening this phlegmon.
  7. Topographic anatomy of the posterior region of the forearm. Vessels and nerves.
  8. Topographic anatomy of the wrist area. Wrist channels. The wrist joint.
  9. Topographic anatomy of the palm surface of the hand. Fascial beds and cellular spaces of the palm. Neurovascular formations. Features of blood supply.
  10. Topography of synovial sheaths of tendons of flexors of fingers and synovial bags, their structure and significance in the spread of inflammatory processes of the hand.
  11. The back of the brush. Bone-fibrous channels. Topographic relationships of the subaponeurotic space with other anatomical formations.
  12. Features of the structure of the tendon-aponeurotic apparatus of the back surface of the fingers. Blood supply and innervation.
  13. Topographic and anatomical justification of incisions with phlegmon of the hand and with panariсius. The "forbidden zone" of the palm surface of the hand.


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