Operative Surgery and Topographic AnatomyInternational Students — Lesson 1

Introductory. Surgical instruments, classification. Surgical needles, classification. Surgical operation, definition, stages. Dissection and connection of tissues. Placement and removal of sutures. Infiltration anesthesia.


  1. Subject "Topographic anatomy and operative surgery", definition. The concept of skeletopy, holotopy, syntopy.
  2. Surgical instruments: groups, purpose, rules and requirements for use.
  3. Surgical needles, classification, purpose.
  4. Suture material, classification, requirements.
  5. Types of nodes (simple, surgical, marine). Tying technique.
  6. Types of seams (nodal, continuous, twisting, mattress). Rules overlays and withdrawals.
  7. Rules for the separation and connection of tissues.
  8. Preparation of the surgical field.

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